All 3 of the founders of CASH CA have only ever worked in high end knitwear. The skills and expertise of the 3 owners is perfectly balanced between knitwear design, yarn manufacturing and knitted garment production. 

Craig Alexander: “ Our intention within the UK is to offer customers beautiful, modern womens knitwear, made in a traditional high quality way, backed up with proper old fashioned service.” “Our aim is offer all the great aspects of dealing with a long established traditional cashmere and knitwear manufacturer (such as quality and service) without any of the disadvantages (unexciting collections, inflexibility and prohibitive price).”

Derek Hartop: “CASH CA has become known within the UK as a brand that offers great directional womens knitwear collections in great colours, superb quality and, crucially, delivers on time. Obviously we do not always get it right but we are also recognised as being a company that reacts quickly to customer comments. Our job is not finished when the womens knitwear garments leave our warehouse and we work very closely with retailers throughout the season to make sure they get the best from our product to maximise sales.”

Peter Swithenbank: "Much work goes into creating our seasonal ranges and recenty we have put even more resources into creating a wider range of fashion leading garments. These now include woven and jersey fabric tailored pieces designed specifically to be worn with our womens knitwear."

CASH CA are also increasing resouces and putting a lot of effort into marketing to increase brand awareness and provide direct help to our retailers with their local promotions.

Peter Swithenbank: In these difficult times CASH CA is moving forward to the benefit of both ourselves and our retailers."