Peter Swithenbank: “As a cashmere knitwear manufacturer it is impossible to avoid a certain amount of shipping due to the fact that the place that grows the best quality cashmere fibre is Inner Mongolia and our customers are generally a long way away from there . However our thinking is to minimise this by siting all stages of our cashmere knitwear production as close to the original fibre source as possible. Thus our sister factory is based in the countryside very near to where the cashmere goats are reared. So from goat to final CASH CA cashmere garment in no more than 100 kms.”

At CASH CA we take a different view to most companies in relation to our environmental impact. Rather than finding ways to minimise an existing carbon footprint, as a relatively young cashmere knitwear business, we have at every stage of the development and growth of the company, been able to instigate systems and processes that are underpinned by environmental considerations.

We don’t have a separate ‘eco policy’ – our eco principal is integral to the ethos of the company. We don’t make a big noise about it, we simply do it as it is second nature to us.